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The services provided by Resolv Dental along with its business expertise and financial strength create the foundation to build a thriving dental practice that enables the dental staff to focus on the specific activities that will grow their dental practice and enhance the patient experience.

How we help

Increase Production

Resolv Dental interest-free patient financing is one of the most effective ways to increase treatment plan acceptance and reduce finance-related cancellations. Most patient finance Companies only approve a small percentage of applicants, and those that are approved, are hit with staggering interest rates. As a result, most patients need a better alternative and more viable solution. Resolv Dental provides this solution!

Increase Revenue

Predictable and consistent cash flow that you can rely on is important to the success of your practice. With Resolv Dental, you no longer have to wait weeks or months for payment on your production. Resolv Dental's Funding Service provides stable and predictable cash flow to Dental Practices with cash-advances on production.

Increase Profitability

Resolv Dental's billing management solutions provide the opportunity for Doctors to focus the activities and efforts of their staff on the highest and best use of their time that will promote the growth and profitability of the practice and enhance your patient's experience with your practice.

Increase Patient Care

Doctors repeatedly acknowledge that having their staff allocate substantial time every day to bill and collect from their patients is not the highest and best use of their time. By partnering with Resolv Dental to manage your billing and collection activities, your staff’s time is freed up to focus.