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Resolv Fixes the Gaps in Your Revenue Cycle

Take the financial burden out of patient care. Let our team create more consistent cash flow by streamlining the billing process, insurance verification, and interest-free financing options for patients.

In the average practice, the front office team handles the phones and greeting patients.


Patient Scheduling and Registration

When a patient calls to schedule an appointment, your team collects all the essential information such as insurance details and benefits for billing later!

Charge Capture and Coding

After the visit, your team assigns the appropriate procedure codes and prices to the patient's account, estimates coverage, and bills the patient.

Payment Posting

Once insurance processes the claim, they'll send a payment to your practice where your team has to decode, apply the payment, and write off any adjustments.

Pre-Authorization and Verification

Before the appointment, staff will check the patient's eligibility and verify necessary procedures are covered as well as if pre-auths are needed.

Bill Insurance

Once the claims are coded, they send off the claim to insurance with necessary documentation in hopes of maximum payment.

Patient Billing

If your estimate was off, your team has to follow up with the patient to collect the balance, explain the difference in quoted fees, and try to make payment arrangements.

What could possibly go wrong in this scenario?

Now add in scheduling hiccups and staffing shortages...

This is where
Resolv helps

Let your dental practice reach its highest financial potential while alleviating burdens on your team.

Running a dental practice is challenging. Cash flow, insurance processing, and treatment acceptance are just a few of the daily hurdles you face.

Our specialized revenue cycle management solutions can relieve the burden of additional staffing. We’ve built our business on partnering with dentists to help increase revenue and profitability and allow your team to enhance patient care.

How we help

Optimize Billing and Cash Flow

Our dental billing experts can help with insurance processing, treatment acceptance, and your end-to-end billing process to increase revenue and profitability.


Claims Acceptance Rates

Enjoy Stability and Peace of Mind

We help dental practices run more efficiently by handling the headaches of billing and collections. This allows you to manage your practice without the stress of unpredictable payment trends.


Production Increase

Spend More Time on Patient Care

We have helped hundreds of dentists build a thriving dental practice that enables the dental staff to focus on activities that grow the practice and enhance the patient’s experience.


Increase in Treatment Acceptance

About Us

With over three decades of industry expertise, Resolv Dental stands at the forefront of advancing dental practices. Our team, a collective of industry leaders specializing in revenue cycle management, brings unparalleled expertise to the table. At Resolv Dental, we're not just about managing your revenue cycle; we're about leveraging our comprehensive knowledge and experience in various capacities to help your practice scale and thrive. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that we remain your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the dental industry, today and into the future.

Together, we will improve financial performance and patient experience and help build sustainable healthcare businesses.

Together, we will improve financial performance and patient experience and help build sustainable healthcare businesses.