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Our Clients Say It Best

Once our patients understand what we can do for them or their children, we cannot let finances be a barrier to a better quality of life. Resolv Dental provides interest-free payment plans for our patients and our practice. We can all literally breathe easily knowing that they CAN move forward with treatment and we get to feel amazing about providing life-changing care!

Dr. Krishan


The decision to use Resolv Dental has allowed me to focus on clinical care and become more flexible with financial arrangements for my patients as most often, the main stumbling block in patient acceptance is having financial resources. Resolv Dental has eliminated the need for an additional business professional.

Dr. Williams


I partnered with Resolv Dental in 2015. They are part of my team and highly efficient and professional in what they do. The Advanced funding has helped my practice to move forward. The Insurance follow is appreciated by me since it allows my staff to focus on my schedule. The training is top notch.

Dr. Coakley


As a business owner, the consistent and predictable cash flow Resolv Dental provides is invaluable. We like having the peace of mind that Resolv Dental is part of our team. We can count on the support to keep the business side running smoothly so we can focus on dentistry and the care of our patients.

Dr. Arrigotti


I partnered with Resolv Dental 24 years ago for the billing and software support. The Resolv Dental service has provided my practice with the key components required to help the business side of our practice to run smoothly, allowing us more time to focus on patients.

Dr. Shay


Resolv Dental is there when you need them. Their practice management team helped me nearly double my practice.

Dr. Silverstein