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General Questions

There are two types of tasks that are performed in a dental office:

  1. Maintenance tasks, or what we call revenue management, such as sending statements, posting payments, collection calls, insurance management, etc. These things all need to be done, but they are not tasks that generate production.
  2. Productivity tasks increase production and profitability for your office. Usually, these are much more enjoyable than maintenance tasks. They might include follow-up on treatment plans, recall and other patient services.

Resolv Dental’s system allows the office staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks that more fully focus on the patient’s experience, rather than maintenance tasks. This creates a much more positive environment in the dental office, with less stress and lower staff turnover.

We take those tasks out of the office that are time-consuming such as sending patient statements and insurance forms, posting payments, making bank deposits, addressing patient inquiries, backing up your computer, making collection calls, and verifying patient insurance benefits. This frees up staff time so they are able to focus on priority projects such as marketing the practice and improving the doctor/patient relationship. Your staff then spends time on revenue generation activities, not revenue management tasks.

Resolv Dental’s number one priority is the integrity of the doctor/patient relationship. Resolv Dental is professional and courteous to both our clients and their patients. With Resolv Dental, you have an assigned team of professionals who work for you. You will know the person who is calling your patients and can touch base with them as needed.

Resolv Dentalhas been providing solutions exclusively to dental offices nationwide for more than 60 years. We can provide you with a list of referral doctors who are currently on our system. You can use the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have with them.

Keep in mind that the Sales Agreement does not lock you into any relationship that you don’t want to maintain. Therefore, since you can cancel our agreement with a 30-day notice, Resolv Dental must deliver the services it promises. We have been able to stay in business for almost 50 years because of the long-term relationships we have established with clients like you.

Financial Support

A predictable cash flow is not the only benefit that Resolv Dental offers. The Resolv Dental program frees up staff time and provides the tools to increase production, improve treatment plan acceptance rates, reduce costs and use staff more efficiently.

Billing assistance is only one of the benefits of Resolv Dental. Our system is designed to keep your overall costs down while providing your staff with the time and the tools to increase production. By freeing up your staff’s time, they can focus more on your patients and improving your internal marketing efforts.

We can also help increase treatment plan acceptance rates and share best office practices locally, regionally and nationally. This saves you time and increases your revenue.

The reason an office typically wants a payment plan is to increase production. Offering a payment plan, however, is only a small part of an internal marketing program. Resolv Dental focuses on a total internal marketing plan by providing the tools and staff time to effectively implement your marketing plan. Resolv Dental’s patient payment financing is just one of the many tools provided in our total solution program.

If it is necessary to provide payment arrangements for your patients in order to increase treatment acceptance and increase production, then the only issue is to control costs and collect the accounts. Resolv Dental will assist the office in controlling costs and at the same time improve collections, making it more acceptable to the office to provide payment options to their patients.

Resolv Dental reviews, with your staff, the guidelines to follow when extending credit to patients; we consistently follow up on past due accounts. After 120 days we return those that do not pay and you can still do 3 things with them.

  1. Write them off.
  2. Collect them yourself.
  3. Turn it over to a collection agency.

Reassignments average less than 3 percent of your production, which may be less than you average now. All of this results in a decrease in uncollectible accounts.

Overall Concerns

We are highly sensitive to this perception. This is your practice and we are only here to assist you in growing it. Resolv Dental’s Practice Management Reports and Portal are all designed to provide complete transparency for all we do on your behalf. We want to provide you with the information necessary to exercise complete control over your practice.

With Resolv Dental, we provide a total solution that allows new practices to meet cash flow needs and to control costs allowing the practice to grow and allow patients to complete treatment without having the practice become the bank. It’s often helpful to get started in business by following best practices and having a system in place that ensures your success, and we can get that set up for you. It’s worth the cost to have a smoothly functioning office and be able to more easily collect payments.

The Resolv Dental program is a comprehensive all-encompassing approach to assist your office in managing their accounts receivable. Accountants and attorneys are not always aware of the extent or value of our services. We feel confident that given the opportunity to explain how our services will reduce costs, free up staff time and provide more marketing opportunities, your accountant, banker, or consultant will see the benefit to your office. Resolv Dental’s staff are more than willing to participate in these discussions so that we can become a member of your professional team and assist you in achieving your short and long-term goals.

A key component of the Resolv Dental system is our software technology and productivity tools. With the right implementation and training, the software allows your staff to work more efficiently. You will be able to increase your production without putting in more time.

While you are away from your practice, we are still working for you by continuing to manage accounts receivable. In your absence, we continue to provide all the patient and insurance billing services and collection follow-up. Upon your return, your computer will have current information on your accounts covering the activities that occurred during your absence.

Using Resolv Dental’s program, your office staff will be busy with the right activities: generating revenue and increasing patient care. Resolv Dental will train your office staff in the use of Resolv Dental tools that are designed to build your practice. These tools include the following:

  • Treatment plans
  • Recall follow-up
  • Improving patient relationships
  • Effective ways of obtaining patient referrals
  • Measurement of doctor and staff efficiency

We can advise you on ways to help your staff engage in productive work rather than repetitive maintenance tasks.

The value of your practice will be enhanced because you will have a well-trained staff, increased production, reduced bad debt and overhead costs and a better record of work pending for patients through effective use of the treatment plan.

In addition, a third-party verification of the accounts receivable will help maximize its value to the purchaser. Resolv Dental documents pre-approved patient treatment so the value of your practice is enhanced because you are not only selling your accounts receivable but future scheduled treatment as well.

No catch! Resolv Dental has been providing solutions exclusively to the dental community for almost 60 years. We have gained a wealth of dental practice knowledge by touching thousands of practices and managing over $3.9 billion in production. When you have as much experience as we do, and an understanding developed over time of what works and what doesn’t in increasing dental office efficiency, you can produce some amazing results for individual practices.

Because we provide a range of comprehensive solutions  we can generally get your costs down to less than what you’re paying today. Our team of highly trained personnel is dedicated to work with you and your staff to maximize the success of your practice. Our success is dependent upon your success.